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You may be known as licensing officers, public health inspectors, sanitarians, environmental health officers  or environmental health specialists. We want to hear from you!
HealthSpace Elements  is looking for guest bloggers to add more value for our readers and awareness for your profession.

Rosemary Stephen, PMed, (cert) EOH, IPM

Rosemary Stephen has a degree in Public Health and has spent 20 years in the military serving as a medical assistant and Preventive Medical Technician. She provides subject matter support to management and the development team at HealthSpace Integrated Solutions with respect to the practice of health protection. Rosemary is also fluent in French and English.

John Halstad

John Halstad has more than 30 years of public health and management experience. A decorated Canadian Forces serviceman before he turned to civilian public health, John has a long record of using new and innovative ideas and technology in all aspects of public health and management. Halstad was previously Director of Preventive Medicine Services for Canadian Forces Europe where he was active in strategic planning, new development and delivery. He served with the United Nations in the Middle East in the Golan Heights and was on support duty in Europe during the Gulf war. He guided day-to-day operations for the Canadian Forces Preventive Medicine operations in Europe and the Middle East, managing a staff of Preventive Medicine Technicians in a wide variety of operations. John was active in re-writing the current trade and training specifications for the Canadian Forces Preventive Medicine Technicians. Halstad received his C.P.H.I.(C) in 1987 while serving as senior Preventive Medicine Technician at Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt. In 1993 he brought his skills and experience to the Fraser Valley Health Region and in 1997 co-founded HealthSpace Integrated Solutions Ltd. John is our Subject Matter Expert in the field of Environmental Health. It was his experience in this field that inspired the design concepts for the HealthSpace EHS software package. John envisioned an integrated product that empowered the officers in the field without hindering their effectiveness.

Dr. S. Cronkite, M.A. PhD.

Dr. Susan-Marie Cronkite is a Classical Archaeologist and Manager. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Classical Archaeology from the University of British Columbia, Canada and both her Masters degree and Doctorate from the University of London, UK. She has excavated, or directed excavations, in Greece, Canada and Israel for over 20 years, at sites such as Caperneum, Mytilene, Stymphalos, Kenchreai, Kommos and Sikyon. She regularly lectures at the University of British Columbia, having taught a complete slate of archaeology courses over the last 10 years. Dr Cronkite has been a very active member of the HealthSpace team from 2000 onwards, including several years as its Operations Director and currently as a company Director, giving her considerable insight into Environmental and Public Health.

Lorne Vogt

Lorne Vogt has a degree in computer programming and has worked with databases for more than 20 years.
He now provides software support for reporting services at HealthSpace Integrated Solutions.

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